I disconnect from ever Ranked game I play

It all started when I gold 3. I play one match and I disconnected straight away. Then I played more matches and every 1st 2nd and third turn I would disconnect. this happened until I stopped at gold 2. I then played a casual match and everything worked fine. so I played 5 more casual matches and it was fine then I played 1 more ranked game and I disconnected instantly does anyone Whats going on?


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If you're disconnecting that much then maybe it's your internet, if not then i recommend uninstalling and reinstalling.
i never use cheat -_-
i play YDL 1st time 31 july .
never got trouble,after 16august if i play rank always dc.
yeah u not alone me too rank/casual duel always dc,play with npc duel world normal .
error 501,(but my signal strong)
maybe problem server full,so better u dont rank
fuckin cheaters thats why, i'm platinum and gold was a pain in ass

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How do you summon Gardius without Melchid tho.
Your poor grammer and spelling hurts my eyes
Cons: "Can't be used the turn it was set" That applies to all trap cards..
If only it's effect also carried onto the battle phase even for a turn... it would be UR mat...
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