i have doubt about pack the ultimate rising..

So I finally completed every UR and SR card of the box, but only today. With 13 days left, should I reset it and invest my remaining gems? I don't really see much necessity of doing that cause the good SR cards came in duplicate per box and the only REALLY useful UR cards are Kuriboh (2 Kuribohs in a deck can be better replaced by 1 Kuriboh + Etaqua) and Sonic Bird (would be ideal to have at least 2 in Ritual decks). What you guys think? Should I go for a second run in the box?


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Your best bet is to hope you get lucky and get Sonic Bird and Sphere Kuriboh. After getting them, it's your call whether to buy the packs again or not.
If it is me I won't.
Ritual, Ritual, Ritual. Its all about the bird. Also, Kuriboh is very nice, but like some of the others said, two is enough. I have three and I want to put in a third but I believe it's unnecessary. You have time, take a day or two to really figure out if resetting and using your gems is worth it.
The announcement did say the cards would be available again,perhaps in a event reward?
If you're going to run any type of ritual deck, NO less than 2 sphere kuriboh, 2 sonic birds, and 2 senjus. No exceptions. Windstory of etaqua is a set trap, kuriboh is a hand trap + ritual tribute fodder. Even with 20 cards, you're typically going to run 2-3 copies of cards to ensure consistency. If you don't have at least 2 of each of those, then yes, reset and invest.
Due to only 20 cards in a deck, I always found having multiple copies of cards not really needed, unless its a really good card
I've been working at opening packs from the set myself. Honestly, it all depends on what you really need. If you really need or want to make a Ritual deck bad enough, or any meta deck that requires more than one of them, I'd say getting another Sonic Bird and Sphere Kuriboh wouldn't be a bad idea. Otherwise, you can survive with just one of each.

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