ways to earn gems?

will konami add some other way to earn gems? cause the only ways for now are grinding, characters, stage levels, konami gifts and tapping duel world fountain etc. but since the only sure ways to earn gems are characters and stage levels I'm concerned for the future, when I'll be finished with levels how could I earn gems in order to open packs? I'm a free to play player now, but I will purchase something hereafter anyway I can't spend so much money so the problem stands for me.


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well there is a lot of different characters across so many different series' with as popular as duel links is I would be surprised if they didn't add more content. besides I haven't even seen Noah, Tristan, Duke or Zigfried yet so they are probably just working on getting out characters while trying not to take away from events.
You probably have to wait for some events, because for some events like the yami bakura event, you can get a lot of gems(if you duel him of course)
Don't forget the the duel quizzes
thanks for the answers guys but I already knew these ways, I also listed in my question's description. I just wanted to know if somebody know if konami will add new ways to earn gems aside these ones. anyway I find you're right saying this is not a really free to play game so I don't think we'll see these ways to earn gems. thanks again ;)
At first characters level up gives out good enough rewards, its after that that its really hard to get enough gems
This not really a f2p friendly game, despite of how often konami handed out gems. Mainly due to how rapid the pack expansion pace is. You can never be able to open every pack in every box without cash. Just hope that your luck is good so you can pull the URs or SRs that are actually good instead of useless piece of shit like that fucking Judgeman.......
But to answer your question, without using money, gems can be obtained from:

-stage level
-character lv up
-konami's generosity
-tapping here and there
-battling legendary duelist (if you're lucky you can get 10 gems per chest, but in their sane mind wanted 10 gems when you could get SR cards from the LDs)
-farming drop skills from legendary duelist (dropped skills that your character already have will be converted to 15 gems, but yeah, SR cards are better)

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