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Ok so I've been playing this game a very long time, and I'm still learning something new almost every duel. Why is it that an opponent attacked my swift Gaia with a lesser monster, and during the damage step, reveled metal morph....I had windstorm of etaqua, imterdimensional transporter and wild tornado face down and yet I couldn't activate any of them once they revealed it? What I missing?

03/18/2017 06:56


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03/23/2017 06:01
Not true. Mirror wall and metalmorph can. It's be used during damage step and they are continuous traps. And any good duelist knows you activate mirror wall during damage to avoid being twistered lol
03/20/2017 21:15
Interdimentional transporter and windstorm of etaqua can be activated when your opponent "declares an attack" but not in the damage step.
Declaring an attack and damage step are two different phases
03/18/2017 19:31
All of your cards were just normal traps,so they cannot activate during the damage step,which is when the opponent activated metalmorph. The only face down cards that can activate during the damage step are counter traps.

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