Should I try to draw for a Third Kuriboh?

I was finally able to draw my 2nd Kuriboh and i was wondering if i should invest in trying to draw a 3rd one, especially with the new mini box coming out today

03/18/2017 06:56


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03/19/2017 13:18
honestly, 2 is about the perfect balance. it's the perfect amount for a handtrap/ritual fodder. If you add a 3rd, chances are that you'll wind up with 3 in hand, with no monsters to summon, and a trap card. 2 is about the perfect amount.
03/19/2017 05:02
A third Sphere Kuriboh sounds pretty nice to have. I'm aiming for two myself. It would suck, though, if later on, they limit Sphere Kuriboh to 1-2.
03/18/2017 21:32
I have been having hte same question/issue, however it seems difficult to find insight about this issue

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