Should I try to draw for a Third Kuriboh?

I was finally able to draw my 2nd Kuriboh and i was wondering if i should invest in trying to draw a 3rd one, especially with the new mini box coming out today

03/18/2017 06:56


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03/19/2017 13:18
honestly, 2 is about the perfect balance. it's the perfect amount for a handtrap/ritual fodder. If you add a 3rd, chances are that you'll wind up with 3 in hand, with no monsters to summon, and a trap card. 2 is about the perfect amount.
03/19/2017 05:02
A third Sphere Kuriboh sounds pretty nice to have. I'm aiming for two myself. It would suck, though, if later on, they limit Sphere Kuriboh to 1-2.
03/18/2017 21:32
I have been having hte same question/issue, however it seems difficult to find insight about this issue

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As for the flip effect it depends on whether or not it targets and destroys a card you control (t...
well, current back row meta drops dino deck to the bottom of the sea, because it's really we...
Shard of greed pfffttt,just give us pot of greed or a substitute (eg:upstart goblin, cardcar d et...
I really want the monsters, that mermaid is from the event reward.
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