Michizure doesn't combo with Enemy Controller?

When you use the second effect to tribute your monster... why can't you chain it with michizure?

04/20/2017 02:20


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04/21/2017 22:24
04/21/2017 22:24
04/21/2017 21:23
Because you are ugly and nobody loves you.
04/21/2017 14:58
Both of these answers are incorrect. When you tribute a monster to activate the second effect of E-Con, the last thing that happens is control of a monster switches sides. This misses the timing of your monster being sent from the field to your graveyard, so Michizure cannot be activated. If you were to tribute your monster as the last thing to happen in the chain (for instance, through an opponent's "Share the Pain"), you could activate Michizure in response.
04/20/2017 05:24
No this is misleading, Michizure only can active when your monster is DESTROYED, not TRIBUTE. Destroy and tribute is two different things.
04/20/2017 02:45
Because Michizure can only be activated in the Damage Step. You can't activate Enemy Controller in the Damage Step

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