Stage 48 and cards I don't own

So to make my triple red eyes deck posibble I converted my blast held by tribute becouse I would personally never use it. But now I need to us it three times. Do I really have ti farm ishtar now or is there a way out?

04/15/2017 01:32


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04/22/2017 18:51
The guy below is wrong there is another way, but it requires either a friend, or a separate account to duel against. Because this mission can be completed fighting a player you can fight someone who has blast held by tribute in their hand. Use the exchange card from joey, and have them attack after tribute summoning. I actually did this exact thing with a separate account on a tablet because you have to know they have blast in the opponents hand and they have to then be willing to tribute summon and attack after you set it.
04/22/2017 18:47
no way out, farm ishizu or start a new account. I really am sorry about that, so good luck
04/21/2017 04:36
I have no union attacks lul
04/20/2017 19:40
I did the same thing and converted my Legendary Fisherman. I farmed Mako for days
04/20/2017 11:38
you can use Trap reclamation card from Valkyrie's rage pack to gain back your Blast Held by tribute
04/20/2017 11:33
04/18/2017 03:19
i'm pretty sure ishizu level 20/30 or maybe even lvl 10 has blast held by tribute, so you can use exchange on her if you don't have any friends with it.
04/15/2017 16:58
You got to farm Ishizu or use "exchange" with a friend.
Also you will need to use Blast held twice in one duel in Stage 59
04/15/2017 15:02
Never EVER sell UR cards that you only own 1 copy of. 3 red eyes are pretty useless, 2 is 1 too many.
04/15/2017 10:23
Unfortunately yes. If you're ever considering converting UR's and SR's, don't do it. It just isn't worth it. The events usually provide a decent amount of UR and SR and they can also drop. Don't convert anything that's UR and SR unless you have 4 or more copies of it because, as you can see, it can bite you in the ass

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