How do I change the currency from the shop?

The values of the packs in my shop are in dollar but I live in Brazil, how do I change it to reais? I already have my App Store region set to Brazil. Need help.

04/15/2017 01:31


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04/21/2017 07:11
turn off your lucky patcher exposed module... lol
04/19/2017 01:12
app store nao faz transação em real.
04/18/2017 03:18
i think if you want to change the display to your currency you will need to reinstall the game after you change the play store region, just make sure you bind your account to konami first before reinstalling.
04/17/2017 06:48
Does this work for Google Play card too or no? Like the store will automatically convert from your Google Play balance? Thanks.
04/15/2017 10:25
The store will automatically convert your money into Dollars with standard conversion rates. You don't need to convert it yourself. You can check how much you will spend using googles conversion rates to get an approx. In this case, 1 USD is about 3,15 BRL
04/15/2017 02:23
Tenta mudar o idioma

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