Is Kites event limited by time or I can unlock him anytime?

Im interested can I get Kite Tenjo in any time or it's like till that and that time.

7days ago


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6days ago
Wait until april
6days ago
He is currently playing kite outside
7days ago
@anoy maybe OP's first question hasn't been approved in time so they asked again?

@OP you'll have to wait until next Kite event to unlock him. Then give it another month or so and Kite will be at the gate.
7days ago
this ya second question on kite? u really that interested in him? u might as join him and suck that @@@ hes gobbling right now mmmm yes

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only uuu luls i haven't met 1 tho despite 20 duel's limit each day
What deck would Shadi use giving he never used cards in the series?
what can i say ? magnet warrior cant even @@@ed me. i didnt play extra deck, no monster lvl 3...
Good to finally have in the game but I don't think it's going to make a huge impact rig...
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