Duel against own deck

Hi, is there any way to duel against an own deck, to test the efficiency of a built deck?


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There is a Rematch button on Ranked Duels where you could play with an AI version of an opponent.

This is the closest to mirror matches: decks are identical in ranked duels.
You're not your enemy
yes tell ur friend (if you have any.. i hope u do) to build the exact same deck, and then duel against him (or her, i love u ladies)
Get really high and you might be able to
No, has never been possible.

The only thing you can do that comes close to it, is to create a second account and do an unranked PvP duel against yourself.

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surveys are useless.they dont care.maybe the general survey but the other they dont care.
slippers is good with tie that binds and brionac
stop wasting my time with these bs events.
we dont need insta death just normal decks @@@.u are the one thinking in extremes not stop ...
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