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Hi. I found a video to farm a game mat (Ccapac Apu, I guess) but it used a copy of Ghostrick Witch. In the 2019 video, that deck worked fine and Lvl 10 Gate NPC activated its effect, but it seems that Konami altered NPC's IA so they don't activate any effects. Do you have some 2021 updated deck ideas for farming game mats? Thanks... :)

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It all depends on the monster you are mat farming for. Pretty sure this site has some examples you can take reference from

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What deck would Shadi use giving he never used cards in the series?
what can i say ? magnet warrior cant even @@@ed me. i didnt play extra deck, no monster lvl 3...
Good to finally have in the game but I don't think it's going to make a huge impact rig...
Now people start abusing star seraph desperado pfft
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