Busted Combo

Just asking is there any busted combo here except Shiranui. If you doing it your opponent completely shut down

Solitaire and tune lv 2 in GY
Next turn
Squire + tune lv2 create
Lv2 effect syn lv6 (zombie summoned skull)
Tune lv2 effect syn lv6
Activate banished solitaire SS tune lv2
Syn again to 8 or 10 (via lv dup)

Humm i understand why Konami hit Shiranui so hard...
Correct me if Im wrong

31days ago


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29days ago
Busted combo is dark magician + power of the guardians. All gold en below plebs cant out it.
30days ago
You should focus more on fixing the combo instead of breaking it
31days ago
Noble Knights with their recovery power.
31days ago
Check out some replays of Blackwing or the new Blue-Eyes deck. Both decks can get rid off many cards on the field within one turn.

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Nah, it will be around 14 days like usual. Personally, I would prefer if it is effective immed...
Owh... Burning Abyss will we get Dante please Konami dont disappoint me
This "Must be Synchro Summoned, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways"
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