Hey, there is a deck i want to buy, unfortunately I can't. Why?

I have not bought this deck before, but it won't even give me the option to buy it with gems. There is nothing telling me this deck is no longer available, it juat won't let me buy it. This is really troubling me. Please help.

31days ago


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26days ago
Thanks people who actually gave me an answer.
29days ago
if this is ''really troubling you'', I suggest you to seek therapy, especially during these lonely times #covid
31days ago
I assume you're talking about Structure decks.

You can only buy each Structure deck once with gems. However, the "Spellbound Silence" deck can not be bought with gems. That's the only (weird) exception.

If you want the cards, you can buy them for a few bucks or if you're 100% F2P, you can use your Dream tickets on the cards you want.
31days ago
Just pay cash if you want it that badly.
31days ago
I bet it’s the silent magician one you’re talking about. It was never available to buy with gems

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