Reset box, when?

Hi, is there a limit of ur i can find in a box? If i need a UR card should I open booster until i find it or is there a limit of how many UR I can find, so I need to reset box?


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Thanks guys,very helpfull :)
hi babe, you look at the little number in the bottom-right corner of each card in the box. it indicates how many there are (left) in the box. you'll see that UR cards have the number 1, so there is only 1 card in the box. no problem xxx :)
You can find every UR card exactly once when you don't reset. You can check which and how many UR cards are left in the shop when you select the box.

So, if you only go for one specific UR, you should reset the box just after you get that one.

This means, that the upper limit of UR cards in a box is exactly the total amount of different UR cards.

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