Are you not more innovative then Duel Links Meta?

Hey guys! I've followed you as a day 1 player and I have to say, that you guys do not get enough gratitude towards your hard work! I am very pleased with your recent Uria trap deck as it has gotten me to legend rank 1 as of now. I appreciate your innovation! Thank you guys! Just know I use your decks all the time!

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So, no they aren't not more innovative? Double negation, right?
The answer to your question is NO

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you wont see BE in stage 2 KC Cups. all you see is unexpected random ultra powerful Otk range Decks
Mach is only a problem with the skills that manipulate levels, what could you do with mach withou...
Probably her skill Harpies Last Will. It let's it add it to her deck in circumstances.
su-i-ci-de is censored lol
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