i have ur dream ticket question

Why i cant choose grapha in ur dream ticket? People say for that ticket is for every card in game but not have grapha? I see grapha in duel game before so why not have? This website have not answer and people not help me at all. Also how for get more ur dream ticket? Thanks you (sory for bad english)


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thanks you all for help me! maybe i find grapha next time for ticket dream =)
Who said that UR dream ticket can get you any UR card in the game??? Your premise is wrong to begin with. UR dream ticket can't get UR card from several latest boxes and decks. (Konami wants people to spend money or gems on them). UR dream ticket can't get you banned cards such as Raigeki or Monster Reborn. And of course, UR dream ticket can't you NPC exclusive (unreleased) cards either.
Maybe you should stop calling people a liar and then they might actually help you!
It's not available to the player. Some cards are NPC-only cards.
You can only exchange for cards that are actually obtainable in some way. Grapha has never been released in this game so you can't get it.
hello i write this question. Thanks you for post my question. no one have answer? and also i play fornite also what your name in the game? i want for add you and sorry bad english i from pakistan =D (i love pakistan is in the bag)
Back to fortnite.

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That and the fact that it's a Level 4, and most of the good Xyz are Rank 4. Plus, even if...
Not to mention is a light monster. This card screams for TD abuse.
See, I was right. Unlock event comes and now it has summon animation.
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