Did some people cheat the pvp timer?

It happened to me twice today. Some people went afk and made me wait about five minutes before ending their turn. To my knowledge, this is not possible since the greatest number I have seen on my phone all these time is 200 something. Did I miss something? I ended up reporting them for slow play.


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its not cheat lol, its our data internet expired/run out 0 Mb. at first i thought cheat also then i realize i got message, you have 0% balance for your data LOL
You must be playing a broken deck.
why cheat in this game i mean if u r gonna do that to innocent and honest players better unnistall and play other game
they mess with the connection im 100% sure.i reported them too.there is no other way to pump the timer.i never did it and i do not know how to but i keep seeing the icon about connection then adds more time.
Cheating is very easy. Once, I made my opponent wait for almost half an hour before he rage quitted. That was so funny.
Yes, people use cheats in PVP. It was proven a few days ago, with videos of the KC CUP. This is a horrendous fraud.
Maybe it felt like 5 minutes to you? Time´s relative, after all.

Besides, cheating to get more time and not doing anything with it makes little sense.

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