Game won't load with mobile data

Whenever I try and boot up duel links using mobile data it will just get stuck on a black screen with the yellow loading icon. Clearing my cache didn't help either.


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5days ago
I have same problem to, I thought it was my provider
11days ago
I'm having the same problem it's so frustrating
13days ago
Same problem mb doesn't conect
19days ago
Duel links c'mon fix this, most people don't have wifi damn it
This is also happened to me
this is so anoying im on a trein for 40 minutes a day cant play and same at work during break worked fine a week ago
Use VPN.
Nope, it's a bug that they might be fix it for the next update (App Update) after updating to latest Ver. some player have this problem
It's funny how I get a better connection on mobile data than wifi. It's probably a regional issue.

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