Can't open the app and it stuck forever

Guys and Gals do you have a problem with the app, mine quite bizarre.
So the problem is i can't open the app with my mobile data but it works fine when i open the app with wifi.
Do any of you have this exact problem? Any help?


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✓ I did contact them and some of players have this exact problem too. They send me auto respone mail which i did all they write there and nothing works (except : play with wifi). I can only hope they could fix this ASAP
Have you ever tried to contact Konami? They might help you
Same goes to me i update from 5.00 to 5.10 i decided to wait for the next update
Have you tried to turn it off and on again?
Bad signal maybe? I've been playing on mobile data all day.
im NOT a guy or a girl, i am NON-BINARY. we are in 2020 you should know by now to NOT assume someone's pronouns.

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Please give me a reason to play only on WiFi.

Will secretly shut down the game so you can only play on WiFi

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what does this mean?

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If you really want to Chain Link Block in a Blue eyes deck, you can still add Magician's rod...
No. Engraver has a discard effect that deals with card name declarations and has an effect on the...
An entire box makes 5000 gems and it gives you 3 UR max. You spent about half the gems and obtain...
I only have 12 copies of it. I need more!
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