what else do i need for my blue eyes deck?

1 maiden, 3 stone of ancients, 1 spirit of white, 2 sage, 1 stone of legend, 2 cosmo, 3 blue eyes, 1 silvers cry, 2 counter gate
2 treacherous, 1 rainbow life, 1 champions vigilance
Extra deck:
1 trishula, 1 spirit, 1 vermillion, 1 michael, 1 azure

Wit the new dream tickets i could get another sage and blue eyes spirit which means i would not have to reset the box. I also had to go into the recent mini box to get sphinx so i would be able to get karma cut. Open to suggestions for the dream tickets and i use the ultimate dragons skill.


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idk but blue eyes aint meta anyways

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Persomally, in KOG level, I rarely see canadias. The reason why canadia is still popular is becau...
For the red event Gate, farming deck is still a must even with 3x multiplier, since farming deck ...
hi guys does anyone know when the new kite main box come out to DL im realy get hyped :3
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