Meltiel sage of the sky. Fairy deck.

So meltiel effect are destroy 1 card on the field if a counter trap activate and it successful. Well I can destroy any card, but not the magic and trap card zone next to the opponent decks. Any one else have trouble? (Sanctuary in the sky is on the field)


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I use the field spell card. Sanctuary in the sky. I they give me the option of destroying the back row. I think it a glitch.
Since you uses Counter Fairies deck... Do you have Sanctum of Parshath face up on the field?

If yes, well... Sanctum of Parshath's effect is also extends to your opponent's cards, so, yeah, that's why you can't target your opponent set spell/trap like how your opponent can't target yours.
maybe those cards were protected by something

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You probably just forgot you set the card this turn. Traps cant be activated the turn they were s...
It's not. We do the controlling. We do the ban. We do the fair trade and the open market.
They don't plays tons of traps they play very few monsters
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