Cant launch the game :(

Cant launch the app from my Huawei Nova 5T phone after latest update, its just black screen and yellow circle rounding in the center, pls fix it konami


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App not loading??
Just stays on the circle loading page over and over???
Try to launch the game
Happens to me too. You either connect to Wifi for the first run, or you use another mobile carrier on the first run. (I did. I happened to use dual SIM phone with different mobile carrier. One works. Other doesn't)
This is not a Konami helpline. You should try Konami directly.
You're not alone bud XD

Here is the trick connect to wifi (any wifi) launch the game and switch to mobile data it works (at least for me)

They wont fix this until the next update (5.2 i guess)

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There's no f2p optimized builds, all decks require 5 or 6 different boxes (+ the resets) to ...
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It's not. We do the controlling. We do the ban. We do the fair trade and the open market.
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