I know it's too early to talk about it, but ... do you think they'll put the Arc V world?


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One word - YES.We already have D/D monsters in a game i don't see why woudn't they pit arc V
yes they will cuz several audios files that are inside the games code were uploaded long time ago that included pendulums quote lines from characters
As long as the game is popular I would say yes. Likely by next year given they seem to add a world per will be interesting how they do it as Arc-V is going to be a problematic addition. Starting with the worlds they have 4 dimensions so do they just make each screen a different dimension or do we just stay in standard and visit others through special events? Then of course they have to figure out how to introduce the Pendulum monsters. Do they create new Pendulum zones in the game like it was originally done or do they just say put them in the spell and trap zone. Arc-V also has probably the biggest character roster so it will be interesting to see.
No, it will be like this.
Sevens -> KCGP world -> Vrains -> Capsule World -> Dungeon Dice monster world -> Arc V

You have to wait for a looooong time
I think Vrains world comes first
They'll put the Arc V world...? Put it in the garbage bin? They already did that.
we're not konami how the f- would we know... hello use brain
As long as the game´s still around and churning money for Konami, you bet.

Could potentially be released by next year.

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Deal with a it. (Insert image Kaiba wearing sunglasses)
You didn't read the rest of the photon cards, did you? then please do
That and the fact that it's a Level 4, and most of the good Xyz are Rank 4. Plus, even if...
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