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Can you guys predict when the next banlist come?


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If only I have foresight ability. So, cannot help, friend...
Probably Karma Cut. That card was way too strong for a minibox SR. And blue eyes player abused it by bringing three copies.
The Day After Tomorrow is not overrated!!!
I think you're in the next banlist for asking this question
That movie is overrated
The day after tomorrow
i can predict with my magic ball (my left one)
Taylor can ask him

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When is the next exp or double key event

I m have few orbs and keys to spend but I don't know when to do that

Gems the drop rate.

What is the gems drop rate in the gate drop boxes/chests ? What is the max drop you can get from...

Duel against own deck

Hi, is there any way to duel against an own deck, to test the efficiency of a built deck?

Can’t see Zexal World unlock mission?

Im asking for a friend that hasnt played for a while, he is trying to unlock Zexal World but he c...

How to get Mai Valentine?

Hello i just started the game and i was wondering where does Mai Valentine live? I want to meet h...

What happens to ranks at the end of the month?

Hello I heard ranks get demoted 5 ranks at the start of a new season but I can't seem to fin...

What are the medals completed

Hello I would like to know how to obtain the medals of the elements, the same ones that when gath...

Voice Lines/Animation Transitions Gone?

I noticed that the dialogue/character summon transitions for when you summon an ace card and have...

achieve 1 comeback victory(ies) in duels against paradox brothers at level 30 using jaden yuki. (0/1

achieve 1 comeback victory(ies) in duels against paradox brothers at level 30 using jaden yuki. (...

two skills tickets

What should i get? i have 3rd Anniversary and 4th Anniversary any recommendations ? Than...


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All Gearfried are male. We know because there's a spell card that shows Gearfried releasing ...
Guys no need to complain. It is what it is: a nice little event that is not a big deal nor intend...
it would be a basic obligation and duty to ban tell us that we should ask them separa...
slippers is good with tie that binds and brionac
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