Gems the drop rate.

What is the gems drop rate in the gate drop boxes/chests ?
What is the max drop you can get from one box/chest ?


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In fact, if you farm legendary duelist at the gate, the gem drop is increased recently rather than old duel links where still there's no synchro or xyz but SR or UR card is still most wanted. That's my experience because RNG drops gem frequently rather than SR/UR in my case.
Sir you are only allowed 1 question
No, Macros are technically not allowed. But maybe they don't care that much if you're using them for PvE only. I don't know but I wouldn't risk it.
Are Macros legal? I'd like to use them too because I have thousands of Gate Keys lying around.
Very low, but we have no exact %. Read this I did some weeks ago to get an idea

I used a macro to lvl up Carly, I let the macro duel at the gate duelist lvl 10 x3 multiplier, after 5 hours I checked the gems and did the math substracting the lvl rewards and the gems I already had.

In a span of 5 hours I got 18 gems.

3.6 gems per hour the average
Best drop is 15 gems. Farming the gate is fine, but if you are an old player, it might feel faster to do Montage Dragon farm (search it) and pick x2 rewards instead of x1 before duel.
Not enough to make it worth it.

In my experience, it's about every 10th duel that you get some gems. The max drop is 5 iirc but that happens very very rarely.
I get 1 gem a day when I farm at the gate
max 420

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Great!! Dna Surgery - water A legendary ocean - minus 1 level Stygian Dirge - minus 1 level ...
Or maybe an "Utopic" Xyz, so that Halfway to Forever actually can summon one.
I read that in Echoes Act 3's voice
F.A. Whip Crosser.
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