Is Kite still unllockable

(without event now that it is over...)

7days ago


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2days ago
Not as of yet, they will likely hold at least another 1 or two events maybe with the galaxy archtype next before they add him to the gate, they usually put a notice up before they make a legendary character avaiable.
4days ago
5days ago
6days ago
6days ago
"No he’s to busy sucking dìck"

Probably sucking yours
6days ago
No baby

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Qualified for regional wcs but

Hi i had like 31k points so i will be top 500 minimum.My question is where can i find info?Also c...
7days ago

Next banlist

Can you guys predict when the next banlist come?
7days ago

When is the next exp or double key event

I m have few orbs and keys to spend but I don't know when to do that
17days ago

Gems the drop rate.

What is the gems drop rate in the gate drop boxes/chests ? What is the max drop you can get from...
17days ago

Duel against own deck

Hi, is there any way to duel against an own deck, to test the efficiency of a built deck?
22days ago

Can’t see Zexal World unlock mission?

Im asking for a friend that hasnt played for a while, he is trying to unlock Zexal World but he c...
24days ago

How to get Mai Valentine?

Hello i just started the game and i was wondering where does Mai Valentine live? I want to meet h...
24days ago

What happens to ranks at the end of the month?

Hello I heard ranks get demoted 5 ranks at the start of a new season but I can't seem to fin...
24days ago

What are the medals completed

Hello I would like to know how to obtain the medals of the elements, the same ones that when gath...
29days ago

Voice Lines/Animation Transitions Gone?

I noticed that the dialogue/character summon transitions for when you summon an ace card and have...
30days ago


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Hmm.... DNA Surgery of course. All deck current meta can easily summon it
how can you cheat when there were no rules set at the time lol
EZ farming Gems at pvp. every 40 duel get 30 gem. Done this month 421 wins PvP free 510 Gems
Anyone else think this card is really really absurdly extremely good?
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