How to make new account

Hi guys can you show me how to make new account ?

14days ago


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10days ago
Download game on another account

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What are the best packs to buy ?

I have 2500 gems and I have 3 decks vampire , mask change and new dino meta. Do I wait for a new ...
14days ago

Duel Rewards

Does the level of the legendary duelist affect the drops for the duel rewards. For example, is th...
20days ago

New event

Can we make our own Legendary Duelist? Adding our Voicelines and making our style and adding rewa...
22days ago

Bugged Tower Mission

Is the D.D. floor 39 mission bugged for anyone else? One of the objectives for the Mokey Mokey ba...
22days ago

Any Good Exodia decks peeps?

Post your pics of decks
22days ago

Playing on different devices?

If I download duel links on my new cellphone from the playstore, can I keep playing the same game...
22days ago

Save gems

Why duelist save gems for event january 2019 ?
22days ago

Need indonesia language

We want indonesia language
22days ago

Skilled Dark Magician

I recently gained a copy of skilled dark magician and upon looking back all sources say its only ...
22days ago

Double Tool C&D bugged?

Earlier I was playing with my morphtronic deck, but for some reason I could equip Double Tool C&a...
22days ago



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this will be next card on the limited list
King of darknesss deck comming Yu-Gi-OH
Is it possible to special summon it if you control spell or trap cards ? Can you special summon...
Need that ur and no spell still got 5 robes even when failed summoned ojama and opponent uses anc...
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