Anyone else had this issue?

I bought a card from the card trader and went to buy another and then had this happen. It just makes more tiles of grey and icons for cards but I can only exit. Everything else functioning as usual.

22days ago


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20days ago
Just rendering failure, close shop, re-open, fixed
21days ago

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Why is ceruli glitched

When you activate ceruli's effect instead of it being special summoned to your opponents sid...
22days ago

Should the banlist reset with 5ds update?

Idk I guess the meta will be quite different, or will synchros not be that relevant?
22days ago

Chain not working properly?

So i had a Vampire Vamp on board, my opponent (lvl 30 Yubel) used a Tribute to The Doomed to kill...
22days ago

About the Yubel Event

I finally came back from yugioh duel links & noticed the yubel exclusive event was on but onl...
22days ago

Shoud the banlist affect only the PvP?

It does not hurt anyone to use broken cards in PvE, with the the banlist growing the Farm decks a...
26days ago

How do you track progress for Bastion Duelist Unlock Mission?

I have unlocked all available duelists apart from Bastion Misawa, i searched on the internet and ...
26days ago

Bug or Glitch?

Somehow after my Fire King Avatar Yaksha effect of destroying Yubel in my hand,Somehow i got a mi...
26days ago

Card trader error with jar of greed

Hi, I don't know why but it seems impossible to turn my glossy jar of greed into a prismatic...
29days ago

Rise of the Yubel Confusion

I have over 500 shattered hearts but cannot complete the fisrt challenge (groan). I'm obviou...
29days ago

Arena won't load

Whenever I move away from the Arena portion of the map, then return to it, the backdrop won'...
29days ago



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vampires can live without trunade and yes I saw many vampire decks running tth since they only ru...
Is that means we can't buy it with gems ?
On the konami login page nothings happening when i try to login or try to recover my password or ...
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