How do you track progress for Bastion Duelist Unlock Mission?

I have unlocked all available duelists apart from Bastion Misawa, i searched on the internet and it says to unlock his missions you must win 50 duels with only 3 cards left in the deck. But how do i even track progress of how many duels i did like that? Is there any way to check that mission.


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Farm skills from LDs at the gate with R-Eyes farm deck, quick and easy
You have to keep track yourself, the game won't for you. (And to the other anon, Cards On the Brink does NOT count towards Bastion)
There is no way, though it helps noting that just by farming legendary duelists using a cerberus deck(to play for a cards on the brink ratin) should help speed up the process.
Sadly, there isn't. It might be easier just to mark off your wins on paper after each time.

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seems like blue eyes isnt for u
You could use the kuriboh ticket
Johnny steps?! What about John Claud Magnum or the Hair Guy!!!
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