Why is this happening? I think it is an error in the game.

When I summon White Night Dragon, it is supposed that my opponent can't use trap cards against it. However, in my last duel I summoned it and my opponent activated the Floodgate Trap Hole and it worked. Someone can explain to me why that happened?

Description of the White Night Dragon says "During either player's turn, when a spell/trap that target this card is activated: Negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it".

18days ago


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14days ago
all traps that dont target (Mirror Wall, Wall of Disruption, Floodgate) will work on white night dragon
18days ago
You read White Night Dragon's description, but you forgot to read Floodgate Trap Hole's description.
FTH doesn't target, so it works on WND.

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5D's is great and this is okay, but we need more cards for crow's and akiza's deck...
You have to get 5000, not 4500. After that, he'll appear.
Guys, if u dont have decks above, e tried fisherman lockdown, works like a charm =D
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