Dark magician girl alternative artwork

Will there be ever an event where you can grab the alternative artwork of dark magician girl? I missed the wcs event 2018

18days ago


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15days ago
I got one through the pack they give you on monday a few monts back. Prismatic one too :)

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I kinda need Slifer to get Marik and if there is anything I can do to get him I'll do it
22days ago

Is there any way to get Jinzo apart from Espa Roba's even?

I am quite new to the game and missed the event. Is there any way to get it now? I am starting to...
22days ago

Magician's Circle Bug

The card "Magician's Circle" doesn't work when you attack with a Spellcaster....
22days ago

KC Cup lvl 19

Every match in the duel log says my opponent was level MAX but at the beginning of the duel it sa...
22days ago

Rank up system bugged?

Please help, I lose on my KOG rank up, then after that I won 3 times, still no KOG... Help please.

When is the 5ds update

I have to know

HELP: Card Limits

Ok, this may be a stupid question, but I see all these deck suggestions and even play against dec...

Update Farm Deck

Can all the farm decks be updated many outdated with the recent skill changes

Rex Raptor

I’ve unlocked Rex Raptor a while back and even finished his unlock missions but for some od...

Can someone explain why if an Amazoness monster is destroyed why willpower won’t go away?

The only time it goes away if the amazon monster is destroyed by battle is that a bug or do I not...



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Just unlocked him and there's no Black Whirlwind in his skill lists, fxck you Konami
Guys, if u dont have decks above, e tried fisherman lockdown, works like a charm =D
oh how I wish bird of roses is available :( then this monster can easily synchro summon BRD
For real? I was just about to try this, but I guess I'll wait
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