Rainbow Gravity error

It says if you have 7 different names crystal beast on field or in gy, special summon rainbow dragon in deck or gy but when i send to rainbow dragon by grass look greener. I cant special summon from gy


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On Rainbow Gravity, it says igbore all summoning conditions, so it has to come out from deck/gravity once 7 CB is on field/graveyard. its indeed a bug...
Oml I just made thread asking the same question.

Yea, it seems that Rainbow Gravity is bugged that it won't summon Rainbow Dragon out the graveyard like it's supposed to. Works out the deck tho. Nice to have a confirmation on that
are you sure they were all of the CB's, because you must send all of them to the GY
You cam't special summon a monster that hasn't been special summoned properly. Same happens if you send Gate Guardian or ritual monsters in the gy without summoning them first.

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So how do you obtain a ticket from ranked duels? Do you just duel I need sage stone xD and b eyes...
Lol I have tons supremancy berry 0 stone
sho me de wae plx
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