Is it just me or has the Auto Duel AI has gotten stupider?

I was just Auto Duelist casually with Amazoness (Yeah I'm that guy) and I see that Onslaught and Queen are in hand, sets Onslaught and on the opponents turn, opponent attacks, AI doesn't activate Onslaught and the Auto Duel AI loses. LIEK What Zee Fuk?! Idk, someone tell me if they have similar experiences.


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Auto duel is most stupid thing ever
Yep. When I have Kaibaman and the Blue Eyes in my hand, the AI puts the kaibaman face-down, even if my oppoonent have weaker monsters on the field
It's not just you.
i also think it got worse. AI started summoning my fusion monsters in defense even when they would be the strongest attacker on field. that never happened before and now pretty often.
from what ive seen, auto-duel really got worse. it even had problems with AGG auto deck, so i switched to unga bunga fiends, works fine. some 1800+ fiends, 3 archfiend palabirinth and some backrow.
Well what do you learn from that duel yourself if you are smarter then the AI
nope, I think the same way too.
the auto duel ai is getting more stupid, which is rather annoying.
in other words, the AI does not want to take a risk.
The code for the AI is programmed to calculate the highest damage output with the safest possibility. It is not programmed to predict net technical effects' advantage over the course of a duel.
It sure feels like it, I've seen it not activate a wall of disruption and just let their monsters die. Liiiiike....

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