Should the banlist reset with 5ds update?

Idk I guess the meta will be quite different, or will synchros not be that relevant?


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if cyber angel is returned it will mop the floor with most current meta deck
Release the true power of all decks for exodia...
No,because the synchro monsters and tuners and 5d's skills is not enough to defeat most tier 0 decks and duel links will be killed if banlist is reseted
you're silly
Not yet. Updating will be based on the resulting meta after at least 1 or 2 weeks.
no, these synchros are intro to synchros not game changing, those will come im thinking 2-3 packs from now
i haven't played duel links for that long, but since i have played synchros since they came out, and basically no other ed monster, i think they won't be too meta breaking
the fact that only 3 monsters can be on the field nerfs them way down already because you can't spam synchros and it will be hard to get into the stronger synchros
the banlist might change a little but i don't think the meta will be destroyed or anything like that
We will need to experiment that for at least 1-2 weeks before Konami would decide to hit the ban list.

Blackwing doesn't seems promising enough.
Seeing Harmattan is in the card list, I'm guessing we wont get Bora, Gale & Kris since they can spam the board and have better stats/effect.

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Literally no one : DL Youtuber : "New tier 0 Magnet Warrior"
The upcoming pack combine with this and some other pretty easy to get stuff can let you put toget...
This shit needs more nerfs.
Easy lose condition + Conditional ATK boost Novel idea, but designed so, so badly.
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