Will an event be coming soon to the game that hosts either "Multiply" or "Detonate" as a reward?

I have always loved both of those cards and I already have Kuriboh after reconstructing Yugi's entire deck from the 1st season of the show, but I lack both of the cards called "Multiply" and "Detonate" and they happen to be apart of my favorite 3 card combo. I'm new to the game but I love Yu Gi Oh so much, please, is there any event at all coming up where both of those cards are being hosted as attainable???


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21days ago
We have those cards now in the card trader
I'm from the present. This person loves sucking C0CKS
I'm from the past, this person is an impostor
hello from the future
they just added Multiply in the card trader
so now it has kuriboh and multiply
have great day and don't know how i feel about them adding cards like multiply and kuriboh instead of better ones but oh well
You can unlock those rewards by sucking a nice big C0CK. Otherwise, you won't be able to unlock those cards.
Short answer: We don't know.

Long answer: Those are rewards from old events and it's unlikely that those events will come back. But it's possible that those rewards will be available in other events that might come. But nobody knows for sure.
Sadly no. Those cards are N rarity and I doubt there will be a event about them.

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