How to get prismatic Cubic Karma?

I saw someone in a duel with 3 copies of Cubic Karma with prismatic foil, and I want to know how to obtain it.


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Thank you and yes I am a @@@ who fark yo momma last night
prismatic ur tickets moron.
Since last month they've literally been giving out tons of prismatic and glossy UR/SR tickets.
Cubic Karma is a level up reward. Usually, level up rewards cannot be obtained as prismatic cards. However, there are some occasions where you can upgrade the foil rarity at the card trader for those cards. Those will usually get announced in-game. So you have to wait for that. Also, it will cost gems to upgrade the foil.
Check your tickets maybe you can get it from there

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This page is an online wasteland. I doubt any moderating is made as of lately, except uploading K...
Atem I would venture a guess as Slifer (alt art) would be his Ace, if not a promo card (Prismatic...
It'd be very tacky to go to the wiki and find some entries are available and some are not. T...
Actually tried a combo with this card and its pretty useful use something like karma cut or light...
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