Can't turn 1 special summon with t.g. catapult dragon

Whenever I try to use t.g. cata dragon to summon t.g. jet falcon on turn one it doesn't let me. I've read its ability over and over. Jet falcon is a t.g. tuner and is lvl 3 or lower and I'm using the Set! Delta Accel! skill so there should be no issue there.


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T.G. Jet Falcon is a valid target for Catapult Dragon. You can see this here:

Make sure to double check your skill and other cards that have been activated prior to Catapult Dragon. If nothing is preventing you from Special Summoning, it might actually be a bug.

Also, see the other answer.
1. The skill does not affect your card effects in anyways as the skill only includes extra card monster to your deck.

2. Do specify. Was jet falcon is in your hand during your turn? If it is, then it may be a bug with T.G catapult dragon effect.

Contact DL support and see what they can help from there.

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