Can someone help me find my profile “Atrocity”

I lost my phone and don’t have my ID number saved. Making an inquiry on their site but I need to fill in my 9 digit ID. YuGiOh Master Duel


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Those ppl are just asking for help but I do agree that this site is purely a fan based webpage.

I really don't get why people use this site to get help for account retrieval. This site really has nothing to do with Konami.
You can only perform an ID search in the game. You cannot search for any names. Just ask Konami directly and hope for an answer.
No and suck Konami d!ck

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Can anyone help me find my duelist ID?

I lost my old phone and never linked my account to Konami like an idiot. My name is “Atroci...

gems help

Hello Best adevice for gems to 2FP thanks .

E - Emergency Call

Where's E - Emergency Call? It's a shame this card isn't in the game yet, as this ...

Finally which character gets the most gems rewards ?

I'm asking if each characters have at their maximum level habe /get the same amount of gems ...

How to get prismatic Cubic Karma?

I saw someone in a duel with 3 copies of Cubic Karma with prismatic foil, and I want to know how ...

Bugged bingo battle, I can't get out!!!

This new bingo event is buggy in the middle of battle. The npc just doesn't follow up in the...


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This page is an online wasteland. I doubt any moderating is made as of lately, except uploading K...
Atem I would venture a guess as Slifer (alt art) would be his Ace, if not a promo card (Prismatic...
It'd be very tacky to go to the wiki and find some entries are available and some are not. T...
Actually tried a combo with this card and its pretty useful use something like karma cut or light...
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