Can anyone help me find my duelist ID?

I lost my old phone and never linked my account to Konami like an idiot. My name is “Atrocity” I was level like 24 I think. I had Hela as my profile pic and blue eyes dragon as banner pic in case there’s a lot with my name. Making an inquiry to support once I can find my ID. Thanks for the help


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There are 3 I’ve found under the name atrocity
This is not Konami lol. Why not just ask them directly

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gems help

Hello Best adevice for gems to 2FP thanks .

Finally which character gets the most gems rewards ?

I'm asking if each characters have at their maximum level habe /get the same amount of gems ...

How to get prismatic Cubic Karma?

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Can anyone help find me find my duelist id?

I downloaded the game on a new device and saved my new account over the old one. I am linked on K...


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can anyone tell me how solve this mission? i already did many times win by deck out victory by ch...
You can duel me but I won't play fairly 514-721-160
Should be limited to 1 because it does not have once per turn.
I'm stuck on the tutorial for the vagrants I get to the shop screen and then no matter where...
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