Why won't Konami run a Aster Phoenix event?

I've found a list of all of the cards that Aster has voicelines for that players can't get on both youtube and wikipedia. Some are only used by the lv. 30 and 40 Aster, and some are only just in the files: destiny end dragoon, destiny hero dreadmaster, destiny hero dread servant, destiny hero dunker, clock tower prison, d-counter, eternal dread, destiny hero defender, destiny hero disk commander, destiny hero dystopia, elemental hero phoenix enforcer, elemental hero shining phoenix enforcer, vision hero adoration, d-mind, d-shield, d-time, misfortune, mispolymerization. That is a heck of a lot of cards. So why won't Konami give us anymore? I have been waiting and surveying forever for a Aster event, but Konami is taking forever and they still haven't even re-run the Bastion event yet! It is completely possible to make a combination of cards that I listed here as drops for an event that won't break the meta, so just what is Konami so afraid of here!? #Aster Phoenix event


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you sound like a bitch, bitch
''They don't wan't masked to be to strong''

Masked aint even ''that'' good anymore and none of these cards will make it that much better :/
They don't wan't masked to be to strong

Masked aint even ''that'' good anymore and none of these cards will make it that much better :/
they dont wanna make masked hero too strong and no limit anki after much too months. players got 3 masked change and anki can still otk if they got dream hand and they are shit of luck (shit of luck doesnt mean they cheated but they maybe( and maybe mean definetely))
I forgot to also list dynatag. My bad.
i think there is a chance in the next 7 months to get one BUT i fear the awnser might be masked hero; they don't wanna make masked heros too strong. so not putting more D-heros is the safer play even though it would be cool to see them. there could be one other reason; they might still be too strong; sure the AI can use it but they use it VERY badly

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