When will we see ancient gear fusions?

Chaos ancient gear giant and ancient gear megaton golem. When can we see them in duel links?


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When? Most likely never.
Chaos Ancient Gear Giant, Ancient Gear Howitzer and Ancient Gear Megaton Golem are all obviously kinda stupid in Duel Links. That is why they aren't (and won't be) available in Duel Links.
Oh and I would like to add that all of that is thanks to my ancient gear fusion deck. Seriously, besides Amazoness Swordswoman, Ancient Gear is killing the meta due the recent nerfs. It would be insane to add such a card to an already broken deck.
Gonna kms because I was about to defeat lvl 50 Yugi, yet again, and the game reset for maintenance. At least I can make a sick Gaia or Dark Magician deck thanks to the event.
Too broken with only 4000 LP
This one won't be available for quite some time since it's a monster from the Arc-V era. Only AG fusion monster right now is Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem.
AG are very strong in the meta right now so it will likely be a long time before they give us more AG support.
Chaos Ancient Gear Giant will not see the light of day for a very long time. There are barely any cards that can counter this beast, has too much attack with piercing damage and can attack all monsters each. It is basically a guaranteed victory if it is summoned in this current state of Duel Links. Nothing can stop it.

It is not too hard to summon especially with the addition of Wyvern and Frame.

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