I can not see anything...

When I start the game this is what happens. I literally can not see anything. This occurred when I updated the game to the new version (3.4.0), but in the previous versions I could play normally. I hope somebody can help me whit this problem.

10days ago


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8days ago
I was having the same issue and I reinstalled the game and that fixed it

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regarding temporary suspension

Today i couldn't access the game because im getting a temporary suspension massage , now my ...
10days ago

Is Koaki Meiru players are d***s?

I got matched against the same Koaki Meiru player 3 times today (can post a screenshot). He se...
16days ago

I literally can't see the card

I can't see anything on the card there just and don't have any level it shows nothing a...
16days ago

Barrel behind the door and needle ball

Shouldn't barrel behind the door work with needle ball or am I wrong ?
16days ago

Deck toon

When toon deck Will be inside duel links?
16days ago

Can anyone help me get my Duelist ID number?

Hello everyone. I need some help, I lost my duel links data. The only thing I need is the Duelist...
22days ago

Update button 3.4.0 doesn’t appear in IOS

In the App Store I cannot find the update version for the app. My last version is 3.3.0. The gam...
22days ago

How to pass mission 14 in 5ds world

Duel links 5ds world
22days ago

So i think Dino DNA is broken (maybe)

so i was super happy when Dino DNA! was a skill as it works with Aromage tribe as you do gain LPs...
22days ago



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