regarding temporary suspension

Today i couldn't access the game because im getting a temporary suspension massage , now my question is how long will last the suspension?
i now its my mistake to use cheat while im playing pvp (although the cheat only will affect the computer playes only) but i regunize that after i played like a 3-4 matches
at least they have to warn me not to block me like that!


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They do not need to warn you before suspending your account. When you agreed to the terms and conditions of the game, you agreed that if you manipulated the game in anyway, they could take action against your account. Maybe next time, don't cheat.
"at least they have to warn me not to block me like that"

Nope. No they don't. You're a disgusting cheater and you got what you deserve. They should have banned you permanently so count yourself lucky.
You violated their ToS by cheating, they detected it, you get banned. Why should they have to warn you first?

If you'd like to know how long the ban is, send in a support ticket at the Konami website under the Duel Links category.

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Not only it cant be used as cyber dragon and uses it's support ... It also cant attack first...
if this they have this deck I don't see the harm of having full power amazons.
When you're having a panic attack:
Yeah I can’t beilieve they didn’t add that and black garden
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