Is sending "Nice" BM?

Is it considered BM? or Bad Manners?
I always sent it after close duels but i don't want to aggravate anyone by accident

14days ago


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1days ago
7days ago
Nice. B)
8days ago
It is personally up to the individual who received the 'nice' to interpret, which isn't a good thing. I always avoid giving it out to someone using a masked hero, blue eyes or amazon swordswoman/lava golem decks, mostly because they are unoriginal, boring and takes limited skill to use. It is a great thing to do, for me it's when I duel against successful abstract strategy that I found interesting and/or simply enjoyable. Though win or lose it is up to the opponent to interpret the amount of BM behind it.
9days ago
Like people are saying... if the game was balanced and interactive for both players it's a legit "nice"

If someone gets turn 2 hey trunade into double Maximus or triple mask change OTK than obviously it's a sarcastic "nice"

But you never really know that's why I think the whole mechanic is pointless if you can't dislike
10days ago
It depends on how the game turned out. If it was a close match, you both got good starting hand and got to the part where you have both played your game-winning strats but still have some LP left. That is considered "Nice". Scenarios such as OTK, bad starting hand, or accidents do not merit "Nice". The delivery of such only display mockery, sarcasm, immaturity, and is considered a dick move.
10days ago
If you are winning without letting your opponent playing a single a card and the you send him a "nice", then yeah, that's pretty much a mockery...

I usually send it to an opponent with unique deck or when they still keep going even though they have no chance of winning.
10days ago
In one duel one furry player set a card. Then he/she summoned recon and activated its effect. Special summoned another furry and he/she activated recon again. I didn't have any set cards. He/she quit. I sent a nice.
11days ago
i use it when i faced an opponent with a unique deck idea, it just depends on how you use the nice
11days ago
Someone used a suicide skill farming deck in a duel with me in ranked. After they killed themself with that destruction of destiny trap, I sent them a Nice! XD
12days ago
I think that "nice" feature is disgusting. If u win and send a nice, u will be spiteful because u cant say if it was a great duel or a mockery. If u lose and send a nice, ur opponent cant know if it was a great duel or feel bad because didnt send a nice too. In any case, that nice is awful.
A solution would be 'sending a nice' with an extra duel reward... so if ur opponent win and try to send a nice, u can obtain a extra reward like gems or skill.

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