When did yu-gi-oh zexal nad yu-gi-oh arc v world will be added?

As yu-gi-oh duel link introduced fusion and synchro world when did we get to see some thrilling action of pendulum and xyz monsters.. Please reply


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Any time
After a week
september 2019 and september 2020.
Xyz will be broken!!
and people will cry for Nerf!

Also, introducing pendulum and link with 3 fields looks hilarious lol
Remember when 5ds came in the 2nd anniversary of Duel Links?I think that's how they do it,so maybe we'll get the following:Zexal,September 2019;Arc-V,September 2020;Vrains,September 2021.
They are already hinted in the game data. But no date for the release of Zexal yet.

Arc-V will still be delayed, and if they will actually put Vrains, I honestly hope there's an option in game to continue playing with the normal field.

I don't like how they limited the field with Link, I want to summon extra deck monsters without any BS.
Probably ZEXAL this september and ARC-V next september.

I can't wait for Link-monsters in 2021.
Nothing has been announced or hinted at yet, but we could see Xyz's this September.

Pendulums are a long way off being introduced

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This card works great if you use Drowning Mirror Force. But still not a meta material, even for m...
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