Destroying Set Down Spell/Trap Cards

Why can players still activate spell/trap cards even though I use a card effect to destroy them? Doesn't that just defeats the certain effect's purpose?


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Because they used the 2 nd chain ,which actiave before chain 1 .
They can activate that target before the card that will destroy them resolves
Oops, I just read the title lol.

When you destroy a SET spell/trap card, they can CHAIN that set spell/trap to the card you used, and activate their effect.

Now the next scenario is more tricky :
#1 Some cards say ''Target a set card and destroy that TARGET'' and #2 some say ''Target a set card and destroy IT''.

TARGET =/= IT. In #1, if you target a set spell and they activate it to make it face-up (for example, you use 'Nobleman of Extermination' on a set 'Mirror Wall'), the set card won't be destroyed, because it will no longer be a SET TARGET anymore (it's now a face-up target). In #2, the set card will be destroyed no matter what.

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Because the activation resolved, so the effect still goes off.

The card you use only says ''Destroy it/that card/that target''. (see Twister for example)

It doesn't say ''Negate the activation, and destroy it'' (see Ultimate Providence for example)
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You need to distinguish 2 terms of word, NEGATE and DESTROY.
If you just DESTROY a set spell/trap card(s), your opponent still could activate them in responding to the destruction. You must use a card that says NEGATE to prevent your opponent from activating those effects.
Btw, there are some destroying/negating cards which specify that cards and effects can't be activated in responding (for example: Night Beam...).

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