Will I know if I made it onto the Street Replays?

I have just recently made it to platinum for the first time. I wondered if the game would notify me if they ever used one of my duels for a street replay?

Not that I feel like they should ask my permission or anything, I just think it would be cool to be on there.

Thanks in advance for replies


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I don't think you will be told, but would be cool if your duel reached like 3000 votes and there was some reward for it.
Right now I don't think there's a feature that would let you know but I agree that it would be super cool to have a notification feature like that !

And don't listen to the guy who posted the first comment. Win or Lose, I'm sure it would be an entertaining duel to watch.
It would be so funny if this noob's match does end up on street replay, but it's of him getting his ass kicked.

It definitely would be cool to be on there.
no one cares about you
It won't tell.

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Got to Legend for my first time with this set up.
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