Hi, when will the dark magicianspellcaster cards be released???

The cards yugi used in the last tag dueling event?? Magical dimension, eternal soul, magician navigation and the 2 dragon fusions of dark magician and dark magician girl....please, even if they have to be restricted but its kind of unfair that its kept away but other similarly powerful cards gets released....please look into releasing these cards as I have a dark magician deck waiting and a dragon fusion deck waiting for it....thanks a million......

12days ago


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10days ago
Yeah magical dimension is so overdue at this point.I don't why they didn't release it.Eternal soul is still too powerful.Navigation actually needs dm at hand so it is kinda balanced.DM deck needs a monster removal already has lots of ways to summon dm.Dark renewal can be nice,it sends monsters doesn't destroy them.DM Circle is not that op but 3 copy can be annoying to deal with.
12days ago
12days ago
Retardation at it's best.

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Does this works with Atlanteans? Someone on reddit said no, because it's a cost, but that�...
Six Sam is for pussies. At least spellbooks don't bounce 2 cards and negate a spell or trap ...
this + fragrance storm
Yes, beautiful artwork.
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