Which of these cards are more likely to be released in near future?

1. Berserkion the Electromagna Warrior
2. ABC Dragon Buster
3. Black Luster Soldier - Super Soldier
4. Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon
5. Magician of Black Chaos MAX
6. Dark Cavalry
7. D Hero - Dystopia
8. D Hero - Dominance
9. Cyber Angel Izana
10. Chimeratech Rampage Dragon

12days ago


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1days ago
Mostly 10 years later, the cards you mentioned are too OP or imbalanced currently in Duel Links
7days ago
Why is Dark Cavalry even on that list? It's significantly weaker than everything else you mentioned, most of which are obviously not cards that should happen in Duel Links any time soon.
8days ago
Before they release Cyber Angel Izana they will probably release Vrash and Natasha first. I hope for Ritual Sanctuary first.
11days ago
From where for fucking Christ's sake should anyone in here fucking know this? Use your fucking brains omfg

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