What should i invest my dream ticket?

I specialized in masked heros and dark cav with blazemen and fusion sbs.
I would need some more advice what to invest in.
My ideas:Dark cavalry(maybe dunno if its worth it,my experience is even efter i get it out i lose at least half time cos i run out of card in hand,the other half they take care of it)
Neos fusion and brave.(the problem is i need 2 more keeper for it to worth it so i dont think its good)
sphere kuriboh(dont know if worth getting 1 more)
Necrovalley(now this is an intersting thing,this really depends when i draw this card so i dont know if its worth it with masked heros)
favorite hero,(saw a decklist with multiples and necrovalley maybe i will try it but it had lots of paywalled cards)
third anki(yeah i shouldnt have started opening the boxes as i already opened 50 from 200.I dont know if i should continue or its still worth the ticket(dunno if other cards worth from the pack)
i would rather exhanchange the tickets for a rare dream to get vyon.
Cards which are out question:cosmic,tth,trunade,


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Hey if your still questioning Vision Hero witch probably. Or consider the xyz format thats coming up and go for something which can enable or protect swarming.
i ''specialized'' lol
If you're F2P, it's best to invest in Structure Deck cards. In that case, go for Neos Fusion + Brave Neos.

Otherwise, it doesn't really matter.

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